Badger Ready scholarships

  • Adult Career and Special Student Services offers scholarships for Badger Ready students based on financial need, academic plans, and personal goals. The application for scholarships is part of the Badger Ready application for admission. There are limited funds each year.
  • Badger Ready students are not eligible for traditional financial aid as Special students.

How much

  • Tuition varies from year to year and is determined by the number of courses and credits you are taking. Badger Ready students pay the same tuition as traditional undergraduate students. Wisconsin residents, nonresidents, and Minnesota residents pay different tuition rates.
  • Tuition rates are assessed depending on a student’s official residence for tuition purposes status. All students are required to establish their residence status as a part of admission to UW–Madison. Please refer to the Residence for Tuition Overview webpage for detailed information. In most cases, students who initially enroll as nonresidents will maintain the status the whole time they are enrolled.

GI Bill

Post-transfer assistance

  • Financial aid, scholarships, and additional benefits become available after being admitted to UW–Madison as a transfer student. Your Badger Ready advisor will be able to help you connect with the necessary resources.