Enroll using the Course Search and Enrollment tool

1. Activate NetID

Using your 10-digit Campus ID number (found in your application confirmation), activate your NetID and create a password. This gives you access to your MyUW portal.
Step-by-step instructions

Your NetID is your username which, along with the password you chose, allows you access to University services such as campus email and student records.

2. Log in to MyUW

Log in to your MyUW portal using your NetID and password. Review the resources within the Student Center – you will find your earliest enrollment date, any enrollment holds on your account, your tuition bill, and grades along with many other resources.

3. View earliest enrollment date

Enrollment appointments are published by the Office of the Registrar in late March/early April for summer and fall enrollment, and early November for spring enrollment. View your earliest enrollment date and time within the Course Search and Enroll tile in MyUW. Note, it may take up to 24 hours after you’ve been admitted for your enrollment appointment to appear in MyUW. If you do not see an enrollment date, please reach out to your advisor.

Your enrollment date (fall, 2024): Friday, August 9
Your enrollment time begins between: 2–4 p.m.

You can find this information in your Student Center via MyUW
Search for courses: Course Search and Enroll App
Enrollment assistance: Office of the Registrar’s enrollment overview; enrollment help

4. Complete the pre-enrollment checklist

There are seven (7) tasks that must be done prior to enrollment each term. These tasks should take about 5 minutes to complete. Once the checklist is complete, the enrollment hold will be lifted from your student record.
Pre-enrollment checklist guide

One checklist task is to electronically sign the required Financial Responsibility Agreement which is listed in the holds section.
Terms and Conditions of Financial Responsibility Agreement

5. Search for courses

Log in to MyUW using your NetID and password. Select Course Search & Enroll, and use the filters provided to find courses. Select your desired course to see course description, required prerequisites, and course notes.

Most courses involve both a lecture and a discussion section (lab courses will include a lab section). Make sure that the lecture, discussion, and lab if applicable, all fit into your schedule. Once you find a section that works for you, add the course to your Shopping Cart.

6. Resolve any validation errors

Before your enrollment time, we recommend using the My Courses tool to verify you have all the requirements and permissions you need. Doing this step before your enrollment time will help you avoid problems.

The My Courses tool is found within Course Search & Enroll. When courses are in your Shopping Cart, they will appear in My Courses. Select your desired course to determine if you have any validation errors. Common reasons for getting the message, “problems with course” include course requisites not met or permission needed to take the class.

If you receive an error message, contact the department’s curricular representative to see if it is possible to get permission to add the course or to resolve any requisites that are required to enroll in the course.
More on validation and error messages

Sample email for contacting curricular reps:

I am a university Special student (campus ID is 123456789) and believe I have met the requirement for course XXX.  Attached is my transfer evaluation for your reference. May I have permission to enroll in this course?


7. Enroll

You can begin enrolling at or after your enrollment time. Log in to MyUW to enroll. In the My Courses section of Course Search & Enroll, select your desired courses and click Enroll. Here’s a detailed tutorial. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete your enrollment. Enroll before the enrollment deadline to avoid a late fee. If a section is full and a wait list is available, continue to enroll in the course to secure your spot on the wait list. 

Contact the department’s curricular representative for course questions and access issues.

8. Tuition

After you enroll, your eBill will be available for viewing under the Financial tab in your MyUW Student Center. Pay your tuition on time to avoid the $100 late payment fee.
Bursar’s Office tuition and fees

Scholarship recipients: Your scholarship will be submitted on your behalf and should reflect in your Student Center within the first few weeks of the semester. Please reach out to our office with questions: badger.ready@wisc.edu

9. Deadlines to note

Now that you are enrolled, it is important to be aware of important dates and deadlines including add, drop, audit, and withdrawal deadlines. Please reach out to our office with questions: badger.ready@wisc.edu

Remember, Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) is your academic dean’s office. If you are advised to speak with a dean, this refers to our office. Please reach out to your Badger Ready advisor if you are advised to speak to a dean. They will help you connect with the dean for ACSSS.